Premiere Edition of Italy’s H2 Event

JUNE 11-12 2024 ROME


Empowering Italy’s hydrogen pioneers to build, fast growing, profitable and resilient businesses along the entire H2 value chain

Hydrogen occupies a unique and promising position in the landscape of renewable energies and in the transition towards a more sustainable world.

The European Commission’s priority is to develop clean and renewable hydrogen, produced mainly using renewable energy, an option which align with the EU’s long term climate neutrality. To comply with this, the EU defines a roadmap, divided into three stages (2020-2050), along which to establish a step-by-step development trajectory for hydrogen.

According to MISE (The Ministry Enterprises and Made in Italy), approximately 2% of hydrogen penetration in final energy consumption is expected by 2030 and up to 20% by 2050.

Despite the idyllic panorama, there are challenges that affect the hydrogen supply chain and the Levelyzed cost of Hydrogen (LCoH).

The cost of the electrolysers to produce hydrogen is higher than expected and it is taking time to scale up appropriately. The availability of renewable energy sources is limited and the lack of infrastructure to transport and distribute green hydrogen requires a significant investment in capital and time.

In addition to these challenges, forthcoming offtakes for green hydrogen are few and far between, and more are needed to use green hydrogen to decarbonize their processes.

However, the Government is taking steps to accelerate the development of green hydrogen in Italy. For example, through the auctions of the European Hydrogen Bank. Also, new decarbonization objectives for industries have been announced from the European Commission.

Don´t miss the opportunity to attend RENMAD H2 ITALIA 2024 (Rome, 11-12 of June 2024) and join 180+ forward-thinking executives from the vanguard of the H2 industry discussing how to design, procure, build and operate commercial renewable hydrogen projects in Italy.

Dive deep into a market on the rise and discover how your investments can pioneer change in Italy’s H2 industry.

Save the date: June 11-12 2024

30+ expert


10+ hours of


  • Understand the support mechanisms for renewable hydrogen production and consumption at the European and national level in Italy

  • Analyse how to reduce the production costs of renewable hydrogen to lower the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCoH)

  • Where is the demand? Find and secure offtakers for your renewable hydrogen

  • Navigate the upcoming European Hydrogen Bank (EHB) auctions, so you can refine your project bidding strategy to secure winning proposals

  • From local permitting, to supply chain bottlenecks and water rights – unravel the regulatory and permitting challenges to accelerate the development of your renewable hydrogen projects in Italy

  • Design, procure, build and operate commercial renewable hydrogen projects to maximize efficiency and profitability

  • Understand the ins and outs of electrolysers, from AEM to PEM and alkaline, navigate the technology intricacies for each choice and its suitability for your project

  • hydrogen mobility, refuelling stations, hydrogen storage, transport and blending into the gas pipelines


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